Manek D'Silva

Manek D'Silva

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First Name * Manek
Last Name * D'Silva
Username * manekdsilva
Country * India
City Bangalore
Nationality Indian
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


Heavily influenced by the edgy art in today's comics & video games, Manek’s art deals with all that is unlikely: single-frame fictional stories told in a style that fits comfortably between the classical and the modern, the impressionistic and the illustrative, stretching reality just about enough in the wrong direction to grab your attention. From an insecure supervillan, to that cuddly cute zombie-killing teddy bear, Manek's illustration lends stunning life to every wild fantasy conceivable.

Commissioned Art: Need some MaD artwork? Whether it's an artsy album cover, or a memorable company mascot, or even a slick framed piece of your favourite character up on your wall to make everyone jealous, drop us a mail and we'll get right to it!

Slain & Beyond: While not visually attacking innocent eyes, Manek can be found performing musical stunts with contemporary Progressive Rock icons Slain.

"Slain's the best thing you've ever heard, seen, or thought about in retrospect!" - Sliced Bread


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
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